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Unitary Fund

Because evolution is unitary.

Unitary Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit helping create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people.

Read the 2022 Annual Report.

We do three main things:

  • We run a microgrant program to fund explorers across the world to work on quantum technologies. Do you have an idea for a project? Apply for a microgrant. See our FAQ and previous grants.
  • We do our own research to help the ecosystem as a whole. For example, we are developing (1) mitiq, an open source compiler for error-mitigated quantum programming, and (2) metriq, an open community platform for sharing quantum tech benchmarks.
  • We host an open source quantum tech community that runs hackathons and events on our Discord. 📅 Calendar

We give $4k cash grants to quantum tech projects. Projects could be open source quantum software, educational materials and workshops, a new quantum sensor prototype, or much more.

Our program is designed to be as simple as possible. No organizational affiliation required. Just a short form and a two minute video.

For more information or to check on your application email info@unitary.fund.

Through our partners, we offer free credits to run on Rigetti's Quantum Cloud Services and priority-tier access to IBM Quantum's publicly available devices.

Read our 2022 Annual Report and see what we got up to last year.

Unitary Fund is built to help the quantum industry, in a small way, to cross the chasm. We started as a small microgrant program for open source quantum software projects.



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“I imagine that years from now, some of the biggest contributors in quantum computing will have come through the Unitary Fund program. The grants provide avenues for creative, motivated folks to meaningfully contribute to this new industry. Awardees are using the program to launch their careers in quantum computing, landing jobs at Zapata and elsewhere.”

—Peter Johnson, Co-Founder, Zapata Computing

“Our support of the Unitary Fund enables continued growth of the quantum computing ecosystem. It is an opportunity to connect with and help quantum developers from a diverse range of skill sets and backgrounds.”

— Travis L. Scholten, IBM Quantum


Thanks to the Advisory Board for helping source and review applications and mentor grant winners!

Amira Abbas, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Tomas Babej, Ntwali Bashige, Amy Brown, Stephen DiAdamo, Mark Fingerhuth, Cassandra Granade, Josh Izaac, Sonika Johri, Sarah Kaiser, Nathan Killoran, Peter Karalekas, Ryan LaRose, Roger Luo, Alex McCaskey, Travis L. Scholten, Dylan Sim, Michał Stęchły, Christa Zoufal.

Unitary Fund Team

Ben Castanon, Andrea Mari, Frances Poblete, Vincent Russo, Nathan Shammah, Nate Stemen, Daniel Strano, Misty Wahl, & Will Zeng.
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