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Announcing the Unitary Fund Ambassador Program and introducing our first Ambassadors

19 October, 2021
Unitary Fund Team

Quantum technology is growing rapidly, and finding space where you can grow and succeed is more important than ever. Open source tools and communities are a critical component in enabling the development of cutting edge quantum technologies. However, there is a lack of acknowledgement for the amazing things people are supporting these efforts and projects around the globe. As a non-profit organization supporting the open quantum ecosystem, we want to help change that.

Unitary Fund Ambassadors program

The Unitary Fund is excited to announce our new Quantum Ambassadors program, a way of recognizing individuals that are directly addressing the challenges of the growing quantum community. Unitary Fund Quantum Ambassadors bring together their peers to learn new skills, develop open source tools, and build the open quantum community all over the world.

Anyone is eligible to become an ambassador, and winners are nominated by the Unitary Fund team on a rolling basis. We expect that ambassadors exemplify Unitary Fund values and conduct themselves with respect whenever they engage with others within and outside the open quantum community.

Introducing the first Ambassadors 🎉

Picking our first Ambassadors was a hard job, with so many amazing folks contributing to the open quantum ecosystem. Given the competitive field, these individuals are outstanding in how they engage and collaborate with the community, and make their own contributions to OSS projects. So, without further ado, here are our first group of ambassadors!

We will be hosting blog posts from all the Ambassadors in the coming weeks so stay tuned right here! Join our newsletter to get updates about this blog in your inbox, follow us on Twitter, or join our Discord to hang out with the open quantum community 💛🌴

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