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Introducing Mitiq, an open-source software package for error mitigation on noisy quantum computers

September 10, 2020

We’re excited to introduce Mitiq, a toolchain that helps reduce errors in noisy quantum computers.

See it in action! Here's an example in Qiskit:

and in Cirq:

Mitiq's white paper has just been uploaded on the arXiv. In it, we introduce the library and guide first users through its main features. Mitiq is designed to be a thin layer between quantum programmers (and their circuits) and real quantum processors of choice, or simulators.

In the paper we show how to improve the performance of real quantum processors, running quantum programs on publicly available quantum computers on the cloud, Rigetti Computing and IBM Q processors.

To begin with, we've focused on zero-noise extrapolation, an error mitigation technique that has already been tested in the lab. We show how to use zero-noise extrapolation even if you don't have low level laboratory access to your QPU. Instead you can implement digital zero noise extrapolation.

If you're interested in Mitiq and in quantum error mitigation, you can find information on usage and additional references in Mitiq's documentation at mitiq.readthedocs.io.

To keep up to date with Mitiq's development, you can sign up to Unitary Fund's mailing list

We're looking forward to the feedback of the quantum software community: from fixing bugs to proposing enhancements in zero-noise extrapolation to additional quantum error-mitigation techniques. We're keeping a list of events where members of the Unitary Labs team will be attending.

Best wishes,

Unitary Labs – the Engineering team at Unitary Fund (Andrea Mari, Nathan Shammah, Peter Karalekas, Ryan LaRose and Will Zeng)

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