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Unitary Fund launches Metriq, a platform for community driven quantum benchmarks

Dan Strano and Vincent Russo

Unitary Fund is proud to announce a new open source software tool for the quantum computing community, at https://metriq.info!

Metriq’s mission is to make transparent, accessible benchmarks available to everyone in the quantum computing community.

With the growth of quantum computing in academia and industry, it can be hard to keep track of the many new developments. Metriq helps with this. Any user can (1) make submissions that show performance of methods against tasks and/or (2) define new tasks that results can be submitted against. For example see historical results for quantum volume, a task commonly used to benchmark hardware performance.

Check out this overview for a quick tour of Metriq:

The tasks in Metriq span different categories from applications and hardware to compilers, simulators and error mitigation/correction.

We believe it is important both to have new results as well as new tasks, because, in a space as new as quantum computing, we can’t be sure what the most useful benchmarks will be yet. This is why we have adopted a wiki-like approach, where users can submit, edit, and discuss the presented results.

Metriq already includes more than 150 submissions across quantum computing applications, compilers, hardware, simulators and more. Submissions are from researchers and developers across the quantum computing community. Results include sources and are openly accessible for free.

Metriq organizes benchmark information transparently, by and for the community.

This short video gives a walkthrough of how to make your own submission to Metriq:

The full source code of all components of Metriq app are free and public via the Unitary Fund GitHub organization, including web front end, REST API back end, and PostgreSQL database schema creation scripts. Code is provided under Apache License 2.0, and content is contributed under (Creative Commons) CC-BY-SA.

Metriq is endorsed by a growing group of partners from across startups, national labs, research groups, and deep tech investors including IQT Labs, USRA, RIKEN, the SQMS quantum research center, Cambridge Quantum, Strangeworks, Agnostiq, Super.Tech, Quantonation, and Unitary Fund.

If you would like to be part of supporting Metriq then reach out to: metriq@unitary.fund.

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Whether you are a professional quantum hardware researcher, a quantum software developer, or a hobbyist eager to learn more about progress in the field, Metriq is free and open to community contributions. Come see how the latest quantum technologies measure up!

If you’d like to learn more or have help making a submission then reach out to us at


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