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Inaugurating the Grant Winner Video Series

Alowina Yap

We are very excited to share our first episodes of Unitary Fund’s Grant Winner video series! Watch to learn more about our featured grant winners, their projects, their experience after winning the grant, and what they’re working on now.

Hosted by UF Technical Staff Member Misty Wahl, our first video features Pedro Rivero author of QRAND, and our second video is with Lia Yeh, Samanvay Sharma, and Alberto Maldonado of PIQUE.

About QRAND: QRAND introduces a versatile interface layer between NumPy and several quantum computing platforms (qiskit, cirq, qsharp...), along with some useful functionality that enables the production of quantum random numbers (QRN) according to different quantum protocols, and for a wide variety of probability distributions.

About PIQUE: People Interested in Quantum Universal Education (PIQUE) is a non-profit community that aims to disseminate educational resources about quantum. This community is focused on open educational resources in order to support the training of different students who want to share and/or learn about quantum.

Stay tuned for more videos!

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