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unitaryHACK 2023: The Unitary Fund hackathon supporting quantum open source projects returns!

Unitary Fund Team

Unitary Fund is happy to announce the third edition of unitaryHACK, which will run from May 26th to June 13th, 2023.


unitaryHACK differs from the rest of the hackathon-style events in the quantum computing space because hackers support existing quantum computing projects. In addition hackers get paid for their work while building professional skills such as working on open source projects, and contributing to create a more functional, and featured, quantum computing stack. We want this event to show folks what amazing projects are out there, and help maintainers find new ways and contributors to continue to grow their projects. Event logistics are detailed in our hacker guide, and rules for contributing are available as well. In order to collect your winings, you’ll need to be signed up! SIGN UP HERE!

We have more than 33 participating projects and over 100 bounties! You can find the full list here, which includes:

unitaryHACK is made possible by the maintainers volunteering time to review pull requests and engage with the community on our Discord server.

unitaryHACK is supported by generous donations: from AWS and Classiq; from Unitary Fund members - IBM and Scientifica, as core members - and Agnostiq, AWS, Cisco, DoraHacks, Pasqal, Quandela, and Qyber, as supporting members.

This website is hosted on github, and our community follows this code of conduct.

If you have suggestions for changes then please open up a pull request!

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