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Announcing the 2023 Unitary Fund Members

Unitary Fund Team

Since its launch last year, our membership program has allowed Unitary Fund to build on its foundation of grantmaking and community building to strengthen the quantum technology ecosystem. The support and thought-partnership these companies provide are vital to our efforts to diversify the field, share knowledge and resources, and support community-oriented research projects around the world. These initiatives include our Microgrant program, which has funded 71 grants across 23 countries; The Quantum Open Source Survey, with over 1,000 respondents in its first year; unitaryHACK; our open-access community calls; and Unitary Lab’s projects which offer new and accessible tools to move the field forward.

Unitary Fund is proud to list supporters involved in all aspects of quantum technology: Those developing quantum hardware and quantum software, startups and enterprises, domestic and international organizations, all contributing to the open source ecosystem.

“We could not grow a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people without the ongoing support and dedication of this member community. It is through their leadership that anyone around the world can access and benefit from Unitary Fund's programming, resources, and networks. We are thrilled to be working with this cohort to continue accelerating the arrival of quantum technologies and to ensure that their benefits are open and accessible,” said Will Zeng, President at Unitary Fund.

We are excited to announce the 2023 Member cohort!

Core Member:

Supporting Members:

Agnostiq, AWS, Cisco, Dorahacks, Pasqal, Quandela, Qyber

We would also like to thank the following organizations for their support of Unitary Fund’s mission:

Atom Computing, Boston Consulting Group, IQT Labs, QC Ware, QuEra, Riverlane, and Xanadu.

Testimonials from our Members:

“The mission of the Unitary Fund to establish an open quantum software ecosystem is of vital importance to IBM Quantum and Qiskit. We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative which has already demonstrated its value to the broader quantum community” said Luciano Bello, Developer Advocacy Lead at IBM Quantum.

“Democratizing quantum technologies will take a diverse village – from PhDs through software developers and beyond. While Amazon Braket is a town square for hardware providers, Unitary Fund provides a unique role on the path to democratization by establishing a community for quantum software developers, said Sebastian Hassinger, worldwide business development and go-to-market strategy for quantum computing at AWS.”Microgrants like those provided by Unitary Fund open the aperture even further for those who want to experiment with quantum computing projects through the lens of their expertise and without having to think about equations. This will be key for helping the industry move from theory papers to running code."

Loïc Henriet, the Chief Technology Officer of Pasqal added, "I strongly believe that a robust quantum software ecosystem will be needed if we want to make quantum processors useful. UF's vision to support new and innovative open source projects has already proved to be instrumental to accelerate its growth."

“Unitary Fund is a medium that provides an equal opportunity for anyone with an idea related to quantum technology, science, and education to create and innovate. Both the Unitary Fund microgrant program and the active community play an important role in enabling the largest group of people to contribute and collaborate in meaningful ways. Not only that, but for those who are new to the quantum field, it provides a starting point to ask questions and discover,” noted Stephen DiAdamo, research scientist on the Quantum Systems team at Cisco. “Unitary Fund reduces the challenging entry barrier to quantum science allowing the quantum ecosystem to flourish. Cisco being a supporting member allows us to contribute to and support the Unitary Fund community, and moreover allows us to open new learning opportunities for those interested in quantum communication and networks.”

Said Jiannan Zhang, Founder and CEO of DoraHacks, "Quantum computing can potentially solve many challenges we face today. While quantum computing hardware develops, it is important to build a strong and inclusive ecosystem that allows people to innovate with quantum technology. Open source developer communities and open source public goods are critical to achieve this goal. Unitary Fund has funded many talents via microgrants and unitaryHack. We are glad to continue supporting Unitary Fund this year and build a thriving open source quantum ecosystem together."

To find out how to get involved in our member program, email info@unitary.fund.

About Unitary Fund

Unitary Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the people around the world. We believe that expanding the pool of people working on quantum technologies is a way to ensure that the benefits of these tools are widely, swiftly, and equitably distributed. We primarily use two major programs to pursue this mission.Through Unitary Labs we work on in-house projects that help the ecosystem as a whole. Through our microgrant program, we fund an inclusive community of explorers across the world to work on quantum technologies.

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