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Adding Digital Dynamical Decoupling to Mitiq

UF Team

The Unitary Fund team is excited to announce the addition of dynamical decoupling features to Mitiq, the open-source quantum toolbox in Python that mitigates errors of NISQ devices.

Dynamical decoupling is a technique originally developed at the pulse level and has been modified to work in the context of gate-based quantum computers in digital dynamical decoupling (DDD). The Mitiq community has designed and implemented this technique into it’s own module mitiq.ddd.

Here is a sketch of how digital dynamical decoupling is applied in Mitiq.

Digital Dynamical Decoupling workflow in Mitiq

Learn more in the documentation

You can find a lot of details about the actual use of this technique in Mitiq in the Users Guide part of the documentation, covering all about how to easily apply DDD, pros and cons of when to use this technique, what additional options are available when using DDD, what happens at the code level, and information about the theory behind DDD.

A Mitiq community achievement

The code design document was drafted by Aaron Robertson in collaboration with the Unitary Fund technical staff: Aaron is a Unitary Fund ambassador, and rightly so – thank you, Aaron!

The dynamical decoupling module has been deployed into Mitiq since version 0.16.0 and it marks a major milestone in the 2022 Mitiq Roadmap.

This is a reminder for everyone to join the Mitiq community calls, which are held weekly on Fridays at 6pm CET / 12pm ET on the Unitary Fund Discord.

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