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Unitary Fund welcomes Agnostiq as a new Unitary Fund supporting member

UF Team

We are excited to share that Agnostiq is now a part of our Corporate Member Program as a Supporting member!

Agnostiq is an interdisciplinary team of physicists, computer scientists, and mathematicians with the shared aim of using cutting edge technology to build practical applications. They are already engaged in the quantum open source community with the open development of their project Covalent, a workflow orchestration platform designed for quantum and high-performance computing.

“We need better hardware, better software and a strong collaborative community for quantum computing to succeed. Agnostiq’s partnership with Unitary Fund is another step towards building a strong ecosystem to build better software tools” said Ian Buckley, Community & Partnerships Lead at Agnostiq.

We’re excited to move forward and further both of our missions together. To learn more about our new member program, email info@unitary.fund.

About Unitary Fund

Unitary Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the people around the world. We believe that expanding the pool of people working on quantum technologies is a way to ensure that the benefits of these tools are widely, swiftly, and equitably distributed. We primarily use two major programs to pursue this mission.Through Unitary Labs we work on in-house projects that help the ecosystem as a whole. Through our microgrant program, we fund an inclusive community of explorers across the world to work on quantum technologies.

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