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Celebrating quantum open-source software contributors: Nominations open for the 2021 Wittek Quantum Prize for Open Source Software

13 September, 2021
Unitary Fund Team

Together with the Quantum Open Source Foundation, we are thrilled to open nominations for the 2021 Wittek Quantum Prize for Open Source Software. This US$4000 prize is dedicated to celebrating open source software contributors in the quantum computing space. The prize is named after the late Peter Wittek, a strongly vocal advocate for open source software in research.

Open source software tools are critical to basically all modern technologies, and quantum tech is no exception. Building an open-source-first stack for quantum development is essential to securing open access to this new technology,as well as accelerate progress across the field. Despite the central role that the open source software plays, the contributions of diligent individuals and hard work of maintainers are often not recognized by the wider community at the level they deserve.

In order to recognize the work of these unsung heroes, developers and maintainers, often unaware of the magnitude of the impact their work is having on the community, Unitary Fund is partnering with the QOSF in order to award a US$4000 prize to an open source software contributor / maintainer to help provide the recognition they deserve. The winner of the prize will be selected by the Unitary Fund’s advisory board, which kindly agreed to act as independent evaluation committee.

Last year, we were happy to award the inaugural prize to Roger Luo. If you want to learn about Roger and his work, pleas check out this video interview and Quantum Software Talk. Read more about the 2021 Wittek Quantum Prize on the award website. If you know individuals that you’d like to nominate, or you’d like to nominate yourself, please submit in this form.

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