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Unitary Fund Q2 2021 Update: UnitaryHACK, new projects, Mitiq's new features

7 July, 2021

To the Unitary Fund community,

The quantum technology ecosystem continues to accelerate its growth with new investments [1][2] [3] and advancing technology [4][5][6]. At Unitary Fund we’ve continued to grow our existing programs around microgrants and mitiq and found exciting success with new experiments like unitaryHack. Decentralized, open communities are impressing and we believe we’ll see the same in quantum.

We continue to work hard to support the development of a vibrant, open quantum technology ecosystem. Thanks to all of you who have joined us in this mission.

  • New from Unitary Fund
  • 6 New Grants
    • To Lorenzo Buffoni, to develop SQWalk, A Stochastic Quantum Walk simulator based on QuTiP.
    • To Jonas Schwab and the ALF collaboration, to develop pyALF, the Python interface of the ALF project, a powerful and flexible package for Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of fermion systems.
    • To the teams at Orange Quantum Systems and Qblox, to develop Quantify Core, an open-source Python-based data acquisition and experiment control platform for quantum computing and solid-state physics experiments. It is built on QCoDeS and is a spiritual successor of PycQED.
    • To Reem Larabi to add more visualization improvements to the %debug tool in Q# by expanding its current set of controls.
    • To Diego Ariel Wisniacki, Martin Larocca, Emiliano Manuel Fortes to develop Krylov and K-GRAPE algorithms integrated with QuTiP. [arXiv]
    • To Alessandro Luongo and Armando Bellante to develop Quantumalgorithms.org an open-source web book collecting in an organized manner lectures notes around quantum algorithms for information processing, data analysis and machine learning.
  • News from UF Projects
    • The pyMatching project posted a new preprint and released a new version v0.3.0
    • Qubit by Qubit's virtual quantum computing workshops reached over 2,000 middle and high school students in 18 different states in spring 2021. After the workshops, 85% of students wanted to learn more about quantum computing!
    • QuNetSim had their paper accepted in IEEE Transactions in Quantum Engineering and the Interlin-q project posted a new preprint.
    • QWorld hosted Quantum Science Days, their first QSilver quantum programming workshop. and added new QCousins: QRomania, QEgypt, QIrelend, and QZimbabwe. They are organizing a global summer school between July 26 and August 8 and a new edition of their internship program.
    • QuTiP’s quantum information processing and quantum programming features are updated and bundled in a stand-alone library, qutip-qip, whose v. 0.1 is released on PyPI.

  • Quantum Community Updates

Best wishes to all of you,

Will and the Unitary Fund Team

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