Unitary Fund

Because evolution is unitary.

The Unitary Fund is a grant program run by Will Zeng. It funds explorers across the world to work on open source quantum computing. [Blog Post]

The program gives $2k cash grants for projects to develop open source quantum software for near term hybrid quantum-classical programming. It is designed to be as simple as possible. No committees to convince. No organizational affiliation required. Just a short form and a two minute video. For more information or to check on your application email info@unitary.fund.

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The Unitary Fund is designed to help the quantum industry, in a small way, to cross the chasm. If you want to learn more about why and how to program quantum computers, then I'd recommend this introductory talk: Programming the world's first quantum computers using Forest.

Grants Made


Thanks to Travis Scholten for helping source and review applications!

Unitary Fund is sponsored by:
Will Zeng, John Hering, Jeff Cordova, Nima Alidoust, PLOS, Steve Willis & NYC Quantum Meetup, EeroQ


Q: Can anyone apply?
Yes - any age, any country, no credentials required.

Q: What type of project qualifies?
Any project that will benefit humanity that leverages near-term quantum computing. Open source is not a dogmatic requirement - though we would recommend Apache 2. It is, however, important to see a rationale for any exceptions (for example if you think it'd be best for the world to reserve the IP for a company).

Q: What do I get if I win?
I'll give you 50% up front. I'll check in with you during the project before sending the second half. Then I'll do a follow-up phone call and/or email at the end to hear how it went. Payment will come by Paypal, wire transfer or Bitcoin.
I'll publish a list of all the winners on unitary.fund after they've been selected. At completion I'll ask you to write a short summary of the project that can be posted online.
During the project, you don't need to make regular reports on your progress (though I'd be happy to hear from you).

Q: What are the key dates?
There are no key dates! Applications are rolling until all grant money has been allocated.

Q: What kind of projects are you looking for?
Quantum computing is a nascent field, so I'm open-minded. Your project can be:

…or anything else that feels like it would help make quantum computing useful faster.

Q: How will you select the winners?
I'm looking for smart people with interesting ideas that could be useful to the world. I'll pay extra attention to projects that seem like they won't get funded another way.

Q: I have a job. Can I still apply?
Yes! Anyone can apply. You just need to make sure that you don't conflict with any IP contract you've signed with your employer.

Q: Can teams apply?
Yes. Multiple people can apply together as a team. Please fill out a single application, but provide background information for each person in the team. You should designate a lead person to coordinate the application as well as receive and distribute/spend the money.

Q: Can I apply multiple times?
Yes, you can apply as often as you like. You can only win once.

Q: I love this idea and I want to help! Can I provide additional funding, datasets, mentorship, or help reviewing applications?
Yes! Thank you for being awesome! If you want to contribute in any way, please email me at contribute@unitary.fund.

Q: Are there any strings attached?
The money is a gift. It's not an equity investment or loan, and I won't own any of your intellectual property. My only request is that you think about how to pay it forward to others.

Q: Where did you get the idea to do this?
This program is inspired by, and directly borrows from Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross and their AI Grant Program. Thanks, Nat and Daniel!

That program is inspired by, and directly borrows many elements from Nadia Eghbal and her no-strings-attached grant program. Thanks, Nadia!

This website is hosted on github. If you have suggestions for changes then please open up a pull request!